Time to plan!


Autumn is swiftly moving in and I have no choice but to accept a change of season I didn’t want. Isn’t it what happens when unwanted change happens in our life: an illness, a death, a job loss, a separation or just ageing? What choice do we have but to accept what is and move on from this, at the pace that is comfortable for us, with the means that are best suited for us at that point?

Life goes on whether we like it or not and the sooner we realise that there is a brighter place for us ahead, the better. The question becomes: What place do I want for myself in this new deal?

There are twelve weeks left before 2016 bows down and another new and fresh year takes over. Twelve weeks we need to plan for. We have a chance to end this year on a high, strengthened by a renewed confidence, and put ourselves in a pole position for 2017.

What do you need to accomplish in these last twelve weeks? What dreams did you have for this year that you can still work on? What needs to happen?

Twelve weeks is a perfect length of time, a term, a trimester, a season. There are quite a few people that think that we should live our life and work on our goals in periods of 12 weeks or a season. For more information, you can read The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others Do in 12 Months by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington.

It makes sense to set goals every three months as our circumstances and priorities change. Reviewing our goals, setting new ones, dropping some or adapting others quarterly has value.

The choice of goals is yours. What demands your attention right now? What needs to happen by the end of the year? You might choose professional goals, health goals, relationship goals. Maybe you need to plan the holidays. How much less stressful would that be if you wrote down all that needs to happen for a successful Christmas (food, presents, cards, invitations, transport, preparing bedrooms or booking a hotel, etc)? Imagine writing down every single aspect now, organising them into categories and doing a bit every week in each category!

Maybe you want to improve your health. What are all the ways you could feel better about yourself? What do you need to do every day or most days to become fitter? What habit can you set up? What would make it easier?

Is your main goal to surround yourself with more love? What does love in action mean to you? Do you need to organise date nights with your other half or with each of your children? Does it mean sending notes, magazine clippings to your grown up children, on a regular basis? Does it mean taking your grand-children away for the weekend once in a while? Do you need to set up a girls night out with your best friends?
Whether you have one goal or three, write down what you want in detail. Next think of anything that needs to happen for your goal to be achieved. Take your day planner and schedule each action. Success lies in the implementation. One week at a time. Have a weekly review each Sunday to ensure you are on track, to appraise your actions of the last week and be clear about the ones to come.

If you haven’t listened to the Inner Strength Meditation I created for you, here is the link. It might just give you the boost you need to get started.

If 2016 hasn’t been what you wished for, now is a good opportunity to make things happen. You can do this! I know you can.

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