Life Questions to ask yourself Part 3/3


At times, events in our life and circumstances can be tough, painful, horrifying or disappointing. We have good days, we have bad days, but day after day, our life is the most beautiful gift we have been given. Waking up in the morning, seeing the sun rise, catching glimpses of the natural world, never ceases to remind me how lucky I am to be in this world.

Sometimes I forget. When I am back in town and the sun doesn’t make an appearance all day, when nature has shrunk to a desolate patch of a garden and I worry about money, it’s much harder to remember what a gift life is. But it is the most beautiful present I have been given and it is up to me to make sure that I savour this privilege.

Life is our most precious asset, yet we don’t necessarily take care of it accordingly. Think about another big asset we have: our home. We clean it (more or less often but we do!), we decorate it, we do the repairs needed, we make improvements (when we can) and sometimes we even extend it. We don’t always like doing these things but we make sure that at least a minimum level of maintenance is achieved.

I have been giving you some Life Questions (Part 1 and Part 2) so you can do a bit of cleaning, decorating, repairing or improvement in your life. It is so easy to forget to do that minimum level of maintenance. Asking ourselves a few questions once in a while is a helpful way to clear the cobwebs and update the decor.

We might miss the golden nuggets of our precious life if it is covered in the dust of days gone by and cluttered with other people’s ideas, expectations, our disappointments, our reminders of things we haven’t done or haven’t made space for as well as with all the noise that we absorb that doesn’t serve us. That is why clarity about who we are, where we are at and what we want our life to be, is the only way to enable us to turn our overwhelming ordinary life into an extraordinary one (by that I mean one that we truly enjoy).

Asking ourselves some life questions on a regular basis leads to changes needed so we can enjoy our life better right now, and allows us to create a Life Plan that feels authentic and energising.

Our final Life Questions

Do you feel you express yourself fully? What things would you like to share more and with who? If you were to give a public speech, what would be the topic?
What would you like to hear people say about you?
What are you consistently postponing?
What are the three most important values you want to live your life by?
What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
What do you need to let go of to feel lighter?
Here is some homework you might want to do. In the light of your answers to the Life Questions: plan activities, tasks, rituals, get-togethers, outings, new skills or habits for the next 12 weeks. Put them in your calendar!

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