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This week, half of the American nation experienced excitement and hope whilst the other half experienced shock and despair. The nation, families and friends have been split into two camps that cannot share their excitement or sadness together.
More than ever, we are reminded that our personal response to events is the only thing we can control and that might mean going through different stages. Emotions are never permanent.

Either way, it is helpful to keep in mind what truly matters to you and what you can do personally. No politician on either side can help you shape the life you want or change your core values and priorities. You can.

Now is the time to do the work that will enhance your life. Ultimately, taking responsibility for your life is the only way to create change.

The process starts with letting go of any feelings you might have that is holding you back. Don’t let your feelings for any politician, for your spouse, for people who wronged you or even harmed you, keep you stuck. You might want to meditate, visualise, dance them out, journal them, express them on the canvas, go for a walk or go to therapy. Do whatever you need to, to free yourself from repeating negative thoughts about certain people or situations.

Be clear about what you want. Have you written down all that you want to see in your life? I cannot stress enough how essential this step is. Of course you know it, but have you put a description of your most desired life in writing? Until you do, change won’t happen because from this description, you can write down what needs to happen for it to become a reality. Create different categories such as Home, Family/Loved ones, Work, Finances, Recreation/Play, Spirituality, etc. If the slogan of a politician resonated with you, describe what it meant to you personally and work out what you can do every day to embody the message or the values in your own life (as long as it doesn’t affect others negatively of course). Mahatma Gandhi’s words were timeless: ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’

Each week, put in your schedule the steps that are going to take you closer to your desired life, no matter how small. Houses are not made of enormous blocks but of little bricks, a lot of materials and decoration items. Your life is no different.

Take the time to enjoy the world around you, your family, your friends, the beauty of a sunrise or sunset, plants, flowers, animals, the Moon. The universe is the most solid background to our life because it carries on doing with cyclic regularity whatever it does. No matter what happens in your life, however great or tragic, the sun is going to rise, the autumn leaves will fall, flowers will bloom and the stars will be there tonight.

Do what you love to do just the same. Whether you are leaving a relationship, dealing with an illness or a loss, barely coping with stress or sudden change, you need to do what makes you feel better. Read a page-turner, do the work for this e-course you paid for and haven’t even looked at, get that colouring book out and get started (honestly, it is so relaxing!), learn something, prepare your garden for winter, create a kitchen herb garden, create jewellery, grab your camera and capture beauty, go to flea markets, just do whatever makes you happy in your spare time.

Sometimes, we feel that our world is coming to an end. Our mind is so good at taking the idea and running away with it, creating the worst scenario. In reality, things most likely turn out better than that scenario, and we often find that this was the painful step that was needed in the greater picture. I can still remember days when I wanted the earth to swallow me whole and I can see now that I have survived 100% of all the worst days I have ever had. I also know that I will survive others to come. And that is the other essential ingredient: faith. Have faith in the future, faith that things will be alright in the end, faith that there is a bigger story, faith in what you can do.

What I really want to say is, have a clear intention for your life and believe that this is the single, most important thing that is going to powerfully help you create the life you desire, not an external event, be it positive or negative. I believe, more than ever, that you are the creator of your life.

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