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This summer I relaxed, I soaked up the beauty around me, I enjoyed time with friends and family and I right-brainstormed some ideas. I was clear about what I wanted to happen when I got back to London.

The things is, I seemed to have left a big chunk of positivity and energy back in Brittany. I confess, I have been struggling with getting back into a routine, let alone an enhanced routine!

It got so bad that I needed a pep talk to just find the strength to get moving. So I took myself through a visualisation/ meditation that I created as I went along and I felt so much better afterwards that I thought I needed to share it with you.

I recorded this exact meditation (link below) and I hope you will find it helpful. Please let me know!

I also want to mention a couple of things that helped me.

First, I stopped beating myself up!

How often do we do that? We start thinking we don’t do enough, then obviously we think we’re not good enough. And, by the way, why don’t we have enough?…

I decided to be gentle with myself and be as loving towards myself as I would be towards one of my children. You wouldn’t shout out insults to or bully your child, would you? Then, why do we do it to ourselves? So I stopped doing that immediately. And when I forgot, I just pushed the negative talk away.

Also, I checked what was off with me physically and realised I needed help so I made an appointment with my doctor. Do you need some help or support? Then you need to ask for it!

Secondly, I wrote down what needed to happen the following day that was absolutely essential, nothing else.

Things that are not that urgent will have to wait. I know I’ll be able to do more once I am back on track, but at this point, adding more things that I can handle will only overwhelm me and keep me stuck in procrastination. Action leads to momentum, so I needed to make sure that I started doing something. Little steps, remember? It’s a bit like like taking a few steps back so you can jump further.

I also made sure I included some self-care in the list because I am not going to do much if I don’t feel well enough. It is a way to be gentle and loving towards myself. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary for the good of those around us.

No matter what we do to improve our lives, there will be times when we feel down. I guess the highs wouldn’t feel as good if we didn’t have the lows. We just have to accept it and do what we can to help ourselves.

Here is the link to the Inner Strength meditation. Make sure you have 8 minutes of uninterrupted time and that you are sitting comfortably.

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