Strengthen your sense of worthiness.
Find Inner Peace.

Do you set intentions and resolutions every year, only to find that it has been yet another year of much the same than the previous one? Your dreams and goals just fade away and not much different happens. Here is the reason why: To create a great year and follow up on your most important goals, you need to take stock, gain clarity on where you are and make peace with what has been so that you can start designing your new year and live as the new you with serenity.

What if your 2018 story was different?
By this time next year wouldn’t it be great if you looked back on goals met and more joy in your life?!! To make this happen for you, I am running “Honouring Your Story” for the third consecutive year. It’s a free class and it will start on December 16th.

As before, it will be a guided journey of exploration of your 2017 story but this year, we are going to focus on the positive so we can invite more of it in 2018.

You will journey within and celebrate your best self as a new way to lay the foundations onto which you can set your goals and intentions for 2018.

Why take this class? Well, I don’t know about you but I am ready for something new. I want to review my year differently and start the new one differently.

Join me in this journey within. This year, we will use our journal more creatively and show ourselves more love. There will be daily emails in the first week, a break around Christmas then a couple of emails between Christmas and the new year.

We have a private Facebook group for this journey together, that allows us to have a regular place to check in with each other and it proved to be a very nurturing place.

The class is free, you only need to sign up (at the top of the page).

Please share this with friends and relatives on social media so that they too can experience more self-worth, self-love and inner peace as the sun sets on 2017. When you sign up, you will need to confirm your registration and once you have done that, you will get a welcome email with all the information you need, especially about creating a dedicated journal and if you wanted to create a journaling practice, this is a great way to start as I will give you prompts every day.

If you feel that it’s time for you to do things differently; this class is a great place to start and prepare the foundation for change. We start on December 16th with daily emails for a week. We will pause for a few days around Christmas and finish on the 29th.

I hope you will join us!