August resolutions

August resolutions

It all started in August. I was so nervous. I had never spoken to a Life/Business coach before. What if she thought my goal wasn’t good enough, clear enough? What if she was going to get me to work with her against my will? What if we didn’t connect on a personal level?

As I know now, having become a coach, is that coaches care, coaches help you clarify your goals and ideas, coaches support you and cheer you on. It was worth feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

It all started in August because summer is the perfect time to begin something new, to get the ball rolling and create long-lasting change. If you’ve been reading my newsletter for a while now, you know I like New Year’s Day and get excited at the thought of a brand new beginning, a clean slate, the gift of a whole new year, but I also know that without a clear structure and discipline, New Year’s resolutions have a short life.

My theory is that New Year’s Day, being in the dead of winter, is at odds with the natural cycle of growth. Nature is hibernating, we stay indoors and everything seems to be at a standstill. Christmas has just happened and it’s all about others. It is exhausting. So if you haven’t been successful with your New Year’s resolutions it might have to do with the season rather than be due to your own failure. At this point, I feel I need to apologise to my readers ‘down under’ because this experience might be very different for you.

August, conversely, sees Nature fully alive. The summer break is all about you and you take better care of yourself. You go for walks, you eat fresh produce, you feel more relaxed, you spend less time online. Time for deep thinking. You naturally compare this blessed time with the busy schedule, demands and restrictions of ‘regular’ life. You wish for your life to be more as it is now and think hard about ways you can make this happen. Now is the time to dive deeper and get clear about your life purpose, your non-negotiable and what you would like your life to look like. Now is a time for change.

What would you like your life to look like? Take your journal and list all the things that you would like it to include. What do you really want to do? What would you do if you knew you could not fail? It doesn’t matter if you are starting in life, midway through or retiring. What would you like the next phase of your life to be about, to look like? What would be an ideal day like?

Now is the time to start the process of changing your life, to start taking action and be serious about that goal or dream that keeps nagging at you. I didn’t know what action steps I needed to take but working with a coach clarified that. I learned so much in the year that followed, things I didn’t think I could understand and I also learned that I didn’t need to know everything because there would be people I could call upon like Kim, my web designer.

Whenever you can this week, spend time in your journal and dare to dream. Start taking action. Why not schedule a call with me? I am very nice (hehe! I really am!). And I really care about you. I am so grateful that you take the time to open my newsletter every week. You already are so precious to me. I wouldn’t be writing to you if I hadn’t made that first scary call. That fear soon evaporated. It will for you too. And if you don’t want to work with me, will still love you and think of you when I write my letters to you.

Schedule a call

Another way to work with me would be to sign up for Whitney Freya’s Vision Quest where I’ll be your personal coach.

This September, I’m taking part in an exciting online program called Vision Quest, The Creatively Fit Program. I want to invite you to join me.


My friend, mentor, Creatively Fit Coach and creative muse, Whitney Freya, has created a magical experience within which I get to guide you into the quiet spaces, the open rooms of possibility within your mind, and connect you to your soul’s calling, your space of miracles.

Starting September 2, 2016, Vision Quest, The Creatively Fit Program, will accelerate your life’s journey to your soul’s highest vision of what you came here to express in this lifetime. It changed everything for me.

Life just shimmers with more possibility now and I feel more energised than ever before. It is because of what Vision Quest tapped me into—a whole new way to balance my stress and worry with trust and optimism. I SEE more of the world around me

If you want life to start happening FOR you, not TO you, find out more now through Whitney’s FREE Video Series

Click that link, and you will access the awesome video series Whitney Freya created to encourage your dreams AND take you through an entire HUGE painting she paints right in front of you!


I hope you are enjoying your summer break and that you are stocking up on free vitamin D from the sun (a lot of our fatigue and aches are caused by the lack of it).

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