Life Questions to ask yourself Part 2/3

Life Questions to ask yourself Part 2_3

Tell me, have you taken a few minutes to answer the journaling questions in my last letter? Here is a link to it if you missed it.

It’s easy to jump from one email to another, thinking we’ll come back to it later, but the truth is we never do because there are social media notifications, blog posts and books to read, podcasts and audiobooks to listen to, quotes to ponder upon… So we jump from one thing to another one and our attention span continues to decrease.

We don’t like missing out and we believe that we need to learn more, so we keep looking for golden nuggets.

But here’s what I believe. You already have the answers you need. You are the alchemist who can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. The golden nuggets are within you. Only by digging within, will you be able to find that gold. I see myself as an alchemical agent that can help you find it but you have to look for it. These Life Questions are a great step in the process.

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to go within and listen. The Life Questions I offer here get you started. Once your Inner Self feels listened to, she will unearth some golden nuggets. When you answer the prompts, let your Inner Self run away with it. Keep journaling, keep listening, keep digging. She will provide some comments, some complaining, but also some ideas and suggestions for change.

Why you need to write your answers down (Yes, I know, I’ve said it before!)

When you answer the prompts in your head, your mind will undoubtedly be distracted by a notification, an impulse to check something online, remembering something to add to the shopping or to-do list, a physical interruption. The train of thoughts is broken and it’s back to square one.

When you answer them in writing, you fully commit to the process and are less likely to be distracted, not to mention that others are less likely to interrupt you. If you do get distracted or interrupted, being able to read what you have previously written allows you to quickly get back to where you left off and carry on further with your enquiry.

Now on to our next Life Questions

  1. What little or big things make you happy? Make a list and clip pictures to illustrate it or as a fun way to make a visual list.
  2. What activity/activities leave(s) you feeling energised and smiling? Do you schedule them regularly?
  3. What is wonderful about you? What is alive in you?
  4. Do you feel that you are able to live your life authentically and be yourself?

I will be back next week with our final Life Questions.

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