The happy ending
always happens in
the second act.

Think about that. In every fairy tale, every epic movie, every award winning novel, the first half of the story is riddled with challenges, drama and uncertainty.

And then, the dramatic twist. The plot shifts, the main character steps into their power, slays their obstacle and finally gets their happy ending. That beautiful culmination of courage and action that leads to that pinnacle of joy always takes place in the second act and only after the fear has been pushed through.

It’s no different in life. Happiness is where the commitment to dream intersects with the courage to change.

My work as a Life coach is about reconnecting you to who you were before the “shoulds” and “have-tos” of adulthood transformed you into someone else.

Want to transform your life now? Ready to become the creator of your life? 


Isn’t it time you said ‘Yes!’ to yourself?

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You can turn the ordinary in your life into the extraordinary. You have the power to turn your fears into trust, procrastination into action, low self-esteem into self-belief!

You know you want to create a positive change in your life but you are not sure how to work your magic.

Fear is stopping you but let me tell you what is really happening. You are not afraid of what you want to do. This feeling of fear is actually an expression of other feelings you are afraid to show: the shame of not being enough, the resentment of not getting enough and the guilt of not doing enough. I have battled these feelings myself.

Those feelings of not being enough, not getting enough, not doing enough are crippling your creative power, the one that you need to work your magic, the one that will make you a Life Alchemist. Your creative energy is your way to allow transformation.

Engaging with my creativity, my right brain, my heart was my introduction to my own alchemical power to change my life.

Now I help women reconnect with their creative energy so that they are empowered to create a life that feels authentic and energising. I will help you find your way back to your own path.

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